Answering the Questions Q1

Answeringthe Questions


Thesituations that sound familiar to me are the failure to ask for helpand fixing issues when they are getting out of hand. These situationsmake me remember of an episode when I had gone to renew my drivinglicense lost directions. I am not used to asking for directions, butthat day I was forced to swallow my superiority and seek help.Besides, I am used to fixing things like taking my car to a mechanicwhen the problem has worsened.


In the case of Harold and Sybil,I could have asked for directions to save time. I could have beenopen whenever faced with a particular issue instead of pretending tohave a solution. If I were Martha in the instance of helping otherswhen their problem gets worse, I could have consulted another personto explain to me how to use the laptop instead of sticking to thegentleman that she did not understand. I cannot imagine myselfbehaving like Martha who pretended to be aware of the technical termsthat were being used since that could have been a waste time. I amusually open to individuals of my opposite sex such that I alwaysseek for help from them whenever in need.


According to Tannen,meta-messages refer to the secret messages that can be derived fromparticular information. For example, asking for information can havea hidden message of superiority whereby, the informer can be takento be greater than the person asking for information. Meta-messagesare essential to her argument because they unfold the reasons behindevery situation.


Men and women have differentteaching styles that make the women better teachers than men. Femalesare more concerned with how the audience or students will understandthe concepts while males are more concerned with completing theintended tasks but not whether the students understand or not. Mostof my grade A`s come from the subjects that I am taught by a femalelecturer implying that female tutors are capable of lecturing thanmales.


Tannen does not advance one styleover the other because she clearly outlines the reasons as well asthe merits and demerits of every style that she discusses. Forexample, she explains why men do not like asking for directions likein the case of Harold instead of bad mouthing males.


The role of subheadings is tohighlight the issues being discussed in every paragraph. The sectionsin this article lead to each other by ensuring that what is discussedin a previous section has been mentioned in the preceding one.Besides she introduces the questions and personal experience at thecenter of the paragraphs while qualifications of her argument arelisted at the end.


Gilligan`s, Ruskin`s, andTennan`s positions about the nature of men and women are the samewhereby they all argue that women feel honored when being assistedwhile men are shy and do not like to ask for help.


The article has raised awarenesson how I talk with other people especially those of the opposite sex.I predict that I will be in a better position and more comfortablewhen seeking for help since it does not always imply that I amstupid.