Statement of Purpose


Statementof Purpose

Statementof Purpose

Workingas a volunteer at the University Medical center has made me realizethat in order to affect real change in my career path in the publichealth sector I need to go back and advance my education at thegraduate level. Therefore, I have decided to undertake my graduatestudies in masters of public health at George Washington University.

Aftergraduating from William Carey University in 2013, I needed to gainsome experience working in the public health sector. Although I didnot start right away, later on in 2014 I volunteered at theUniversity medical center a place that gave me the opportunity topursue my passion and gain firsthand experience in public healthsector. The environment at the medical center has been a keyfoundation in developing my career and I feel it was not meant to bethe last stop in my journey to career success. To be a professionalin my line of work I have to further my studies in the field eventhough the Medical center offers me relevant skills, I still feelunsatisfied I want to be effecting real change at the managementlevel. I have received encouragement and support from my colleaguesand I am confident that I can take head on graduate studies.

Althoughit is very common for children to choose careers in the field ofMedicine and Engineering when they grow up, as a kid I was nodifferent either, my aspirations to become a medical doctor was clearever since I was introduced to the study of biological sciences. Theway our high school teacher was passionate about the subject made mecurious hence, drawing love for the subject and my academics weregood in all its interdisciplinary subjects. In addition, since mychildhood I have always imagined a career as a medical doctor orworking in a field that involves biological studies. At theuniversity level, my career aspirations were very clear and whileundertaking my undergraduate studies in the school of arts in generalsciences I concentrated in biology and psychology. The period ofvoluntary work that I took instead of going straight away forgraduate studies has been very helpful in building my skills level inother public sectors, which included the library. This gives me anadded advantage while working with in the public due to understandinghow the pubic system works coupled with relevant practicalexperience. As relating to public health, I also worked at theBayside healthcare facility for a period of one year, which alsoequipped me with research skills that I believe will be an addedbonus when I will be participating in your research programs on thefield.

Iselected George Washington University since it is a reputableuniversity in our country, their MPH program suits my needs and I canfulfil my desire of helping my community while advancing my knowledgein public health. The curriculum offered by the university will notonly help me strengthen my core competencies in public health, butalso provide me with access to research cases based in our countryand abroad to ultimately prepare me in case I am offered a careeropportunities in foreign countries. Besides, the flexibility of theMPH program suits me perfectly since I can choose a program designthat will be suitable to me, and this will enable me to finish thecourse in time.

Theprogram and research done by the professors at the university hasinfluenced me greatly in choosing a preferable university. Theresearch conducted by MoniqueM. Turner, the program director of George Washington Masters inPublic Health program has inspired me to think in a differentperspective when it comes to the use and choice of research methodswhile conducting public heath researches. I believe with thefacilities, and competitive environment set at the university I willbe able to adapt, compete and contribute where I can at the GeorgeWashington University.


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